Specialized Services


Our Midtown office offers Blood Flow Restriction Training onsite using the BStrong system. Under the guidance of our trained therapists, BFR is a safe and effective exercise technique that reduces blood flow to the targeted muscle. This produces rapid and significant gains in strength using minimal weights in a very short period of time. Applied in a rehabilitation setting, we are able to exercise muscles at a higher intensity much sooner without risking irritation from overloading.


Our therapists are skilled at treating patients who have persistent, chronic pain. They will ask questions to obtain a full history and understanding of your pain experience. There are many factors that can contribute to persistent pain, and some patients with persistent pain have a sensitized nervous system – central sensitization – that causes an high pain levels that are not necessarily caused by an injured tissue (eg. bone, muscle, tendon, etc.). Treatment will include an tailored approach that includes therapeutic exercises and activities to address flexibility, strength, endurance, and range of motion restrictions. These will be introduced in a graded manner to help the nervous system adapt to movements and activities with less aggravation. Manual therapy may also be used to address symptoms.


Our therapists are providers of the Graston Technique, an instrument assisted soft tissue mobility treatment. Graston helps accelerate the healing process, targeting scar tissue and fascial restrictions that can slow down overall recovery. It can be applied to new injuries, shortening the time frame of recovery but also is effective on old injuries, where pain and restriction are chronic. 


We offer biomechanical assessments and injury prevention screens for cyclists. During our evaluation, our therapists will look at your body’s ability to move as it relates to cycling of any level (casual, weekend warrior, elite racer). We’ll focus on identifying problematic areas in mobility, strength, alignment and flexibility during our assessment that may make you more prone to overuse injury. With the context of your abilities, we’ll also make suggestions on what to look out for when setting up your bike or work in tandem with a certified bike fitter to ensure ideal ride efficiency. At the end, you’ll have a solid awareness of where your vulnerabilities are and a strategy to attack these deficits moving forward.


Running evaluations include a physical examination and slow-motion video gait analysis by one of our physical therapists. Dartfish motion analysis software is used to help our therapist diagnose gait inefficiencies. In combination with a physical examination, we then gain an understanding of what mechanical issues contribute to the gait issues we visualize via video analysis. This service is great for all runners of all skill levels. Give us a call if you are interested in setting up an evaluation!


Fortius now offers virtual visits for all patients. During your telehealth evaluation, our therapists will take your history and evaluate your movement over our video conference, just as they would in clinic. With this information in hand, you’ll be assisted through an individualized exercise program which can address strength, mobility, flexibility or balance issues. Each follow up is customized to your needs to ensure you get the most of our your virtual visit. Give us a call to discuss this option in more detail!