Physical therapists are licensed healthcare professionals who handle a variety of movement, muscle and mobility issues. Physical therapists focus on the way that the body moves. They diagnose and treat problems using a variety of different treatment methods, including manual therapy and cryotherapy. In physical therapy, the goal is to restore your strength, increase your mobility and get your body back to its proper function. By combining a variety of techniques, we’ll move you from your current state toward better health. See our services and treatment programs page for specifics on our treatment methods and how we can create a program customized to your needs.

On your first visit, you’ll likely be a bit nervous. Our friendly and helpful staff will guide you through the entire process. After completing a small amount of paperwork, we’ll do an intake evaluation and try to understand your goals and your discomforts. We’ll do a physical evaluation to determine your current range of motion and level of strength. We’ll give you lots of feedback on what’s going on, so you feel comfortable, and outline what needs to be done.

While your first visit will be longer because of the small amount of paperwork that you need to complete, your visits will generally last between 30 and 40 minutes. This makes it easy to fit in your physical therapy appointments on your lunch hour or right after work.

People from all walks of life can benefit from physical therapy. Nearly all injuries and limitations can be addressed with a physical therapy program. Here are some instances where physical therapy can be particularly useful:

  • Regaining strength and coordination after surgery
  • Recovering from sports related injuries
  • Preventing injuries
  • Recovering from accidents (job related, auto accidents, etc.)
  • Increasing strength and function for cancer patients
  • Reducing back pain and joint problems due to pregnancy

Since your physical therapy treatment program is customized to your needs, your length of treatment will vary. It will depend on a number of factors, like the extent of your problem, your age, your level of overall health and how you follow up with the home program in between visits. However, because our physical therapy approach incorporates several different treatment methods our patients see much faster results that a unilateral approach. After your initial visit, we’ll develop a treatment plan with milestones and an expected completion date.

We will accept most insurance providers. Please call our office to verify that your insurance is accepted. We also accept self-pay patients.