Our Story


With the help of family and friends, Jim Trakis founded and launched Fortius Physical Therapy (‘Fortius’ is from the Olympic motto, ‘Altius, Citius, Fortius’, translated ‘higher, swifter, stronger’) into the rehabilitative world in January of 2008 with the opening of our New York City office.  In January of 2015, with a similar grassroots effort, Jim Trakis and staff opened a second office in Moorestown, New Jersey.  Since inception, it has been our mission to provide highly personalized care and to exceed our patients’ expectations.  It was our pleasure to provide care while making amazing friendships in our New York City office until it’s closing in December 2022.   

Our treatment programs start with getting to know you first.  We work to understand you, your goals, and the problems you’re experiencing. From there, we apply the science of healing and a wealth of experience to generate best the rehabilitative plan of care for you.

When we created the vision for Fortius physical therapy, it was essential that we would provide care across rehabilitative, performance enhancement, and injury prevention fronts.  Physical therapy services focus on orthopedic conditions across the lifespan with care provided in a personalized and friendly manner.  All patients are educated on how to stave off future issues and given tips to enhance functional performance whether that patient’s goal is to return to the sports field or to be able to sit properly to stave off low back pain.  We also provide specific injury prevention and sports performance enhancement programs for local soccer, lacrosse, and baseball teams.  Finally, we also focus on injury prevention for runners and provide running evaluations including physical examination and slow motion gait analysis with suggestions for exercises and gait modifications to stay in the game.

Above anything, we are interested in the well-being of our patrons.  We are committed to providing the highest level of care to most efficiently facilitate your goals.  Live the dream!


Fortius is part of the Olympic motto, ‘Altius, Citius, Fortius’, translated ‘Swifter, Higher, Stronger’.  The motto was proposed by Pierre de Coubertin in 1894 and has persisted through 110 years of the games.  When Jim was naming the company, he reflected back to his grammar school days when the annual Olympics were held and teachers split the kids in three teams, Altius, Citius, and Fortius.  As our company name, Fortius refers to the strength of the determined human spirit and its importance in dictating achievement.  Our goal is to combine highly personalized and skilled care with the strengthened spirit of each of our patients to optimally restore function, enhance performance, and prevent re-injury.

Our logo is inspired by the Olympic Torch.  Dating back to the first Olympic games, the torch has represented the power that athletics have to unify people and purport peace amongst nations.  Re-introduced to the games in 1928, the torch is lit in Olympia, Greece and travels to the host site of the games, burning through the closing ceremonies.  As a symbol of our company, it represents our enduring mission to provide highly individualized and conscientious care and our everlasting fervency for our patients’ well-being and our profession.