Orthopedic Services

Working with our physical therapy team means that you’re in good hands. On your first visit we’ll do a complete physical evaluation, medical history evaluation and, most importantly, really listen to what’s troubling you. Whether you want to increase your sports performance or get rid of a pain that’s been bugging you for months, we’ll design a personalized treatment program. We’ll do whatever it takes to help get you back into action.


Jim Trakis, DPT and Evan Bracconeri, DPT have both completed extended clinical internships focusing on the application of manual therapy techniques.  An eclectic, not one size fits all, approach is taken with regard to the selection of such techniques as it relates to your healing.  When it comes to treating soft tissue pathology, active release, soft tissue massage, and manual stretching techniques are applied.  For joint issues, manual joint mobilization, McKenzie and Maitland techniques, as well as some other tricks of the trade picked up by all of our experience are in the repertoire.


From prior to inception to the present time, Jim Trakis and staff have designed and implemented ACL injury prevention programs for the soccer and lacrosse teams at the New York Athletic Club.  More recently, the New York Shamrocks, FC have been utilizing our services as well.  Sessions are carried out in a team setting with the goals of providing mechanical counseling to prevent knee injuries, a great conditioning routine, and some real team building.


The staff at Fortius Physical Therapy is well schooled in McConnel taping, Kinesiotaping, low-dye taping, and a variety of athletic taping techniques.  Whether it is to support your ankle for a big game or to relieve the pain in the front of your knee when you walk, we choose the taping technique that is most specific to your problem.


In addition to manual therapy for pain management, we also use moist heat, cryotherapy, ultrasound (phonophoresis) and massage in order to reduce pain and provide relief.


These exercises are designed for your specific needs and will help increase strength and improve mobility. After completing a full evaluation and administering treatment in the office, we’ll create an exercise program specifically designed for you. You’ll be assisted with completing these exercises in our office at each visit.


Bad posture can contribute to muscle pain and discomfort. Our staff can help with posture exercises to adjust your posture and correct musculoskeletal derangements.

Home management programs: We prescribe detailed home exercise programs that help you continue your treatment program in between visits.