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Last year, the staff at Fortius set out on a project that would unknowingly take us back in time. As we worked through the project, we were reminded how blessed we have been to have so many very special people as a part of our team. The Fortius University project was meant to recognize these teammates as integral pieces of how Fortius came to be what it is today. Little did we know, these trips down memory lane we would go on to serve up a slice of ‘feel good’ that we couldn’t have imagined. We cannot thank those who submitted their stories enough for not only being a part of this project, but for their contribution to our team over the years. Their time, effort and love for what we do is immeasurable. We hope that everyone enjoys the Fortius University book as much as we’ve enjoyed each and every contribution to it. We have hard copies in both offices and a link to the e-copy below. Special thanks to Holly Robinson for her help in putting this together!

Check out the book here:

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